A few Thoughts From Don Barnes......

To all our 38 Special Forces everywhere -

Today is a champagne day for me. I'm celebrating. I weathered a long and arduous storm to someday get these songs into the light. By now you probably know the story behind this "lost" album.  28 years is a long time but my belief in these songs never wavered. The cover art is a metaphor. Tied to a tornado, grappling with the unexpected, trying to hang on. That's what it felt like. Two years of my life and there's a story in there, the stubborn drive of a young man with much to prove. So, I always knew what we had. Plus, I got to live a dream come true, to have my musical heroes play on my solo album. Explosive performances from some of the greatest players in the world, Jeff and Mike Porcaro - who sadly didn't live to see this release. To their families, I can't say enough what an honor it was for me.

So I just wanted to send our appreciation to you all for believing in us and never wavering. We've tried to give 100% every single time because it meant so much after all these years that you were still coming out. We're putting together a new show, moving things around, bringing some songs back and even dropping in a couple of Ride The Storm songs as well. Hope you enjoy the ride. It's been a long time coming. Again, thank you from all of us for making us a part of your lives. Come out and see us this summer! 

Cheers! - db


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